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Cold Lake’s Glass Shower Doors Installers

A & A Glass Ltd., provides quality shower doors in the Cold Lake and Lakeland areas. We have been serving the commercial and residential customers with framed and frameless doors that have a blend of elegance and style for over 20 years. There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying the warmth of showering waters inside a glass shower door! Installing glass shower doors provides comfort and satisfaction that is not offered by traditional shower doors and gives a fresh look to your home.

Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Take a look at the benefits of installing glass shower doors over traditional shower curtains below:

Glass enclosures give a clean and modern look to the entire bathroom
They retain water within the shower area and avoid splashing
They are effective at keeping the steam and heat from hot water within the shower area
Can be cleaned with a regular glass cleaner and are easy to maintain

If you’re ready to install an attractive glass shower door at your home, contact us today.

Glass Shower Doors Vs Traditional Shower Curtains

Learn about the benefits of installing a glass shower door over the messy shower curtains.

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